Setup Checklist

The following setup and configurations need to be done before getting started with EX FormFlow - Forms:

Add the EX FormFlow features to a campus portal page

The features can be added as a page or added to an existing page.


Grant user groups access to EX FormFlow - Forms

Access must be granted to any user groups administering the forms as well as those accessing the forms and those needing view only access to form information.

Grant user groups administrative access to EX FormFlow - Workflow

Access must be granted to any user groups setting up and managing the workflow approval tracks.

Grant access to EX FormFlow  - Forms functions.

You can distinguish what functions will be available to the different user groups.

Connect the campus portal to EXi

If your school is licensed for EXi, you must enter the EXiApiRoot to the campus portal to correctly map data from one application to the other.

Set Up Database Connections

If you plan to exchange information between the form and your school's EX or custom database, you must add a database connection string.

Set Up USPS Zip Code Look Up (optional)

If your school is licensed for Candidate featuresand plans to use the Zip Code look up feature, you must enter your account credentials and add the Zip Code validation.

Enable Temporary Guest Accounts (optional)

Allow File Uploads (optional)

Collect Payments (optional)