Collect Payments

You can collect fee payments and donations from your form by:

·       Setting up a payment profile

·       Mapping information such as name and address the form user enters on the form to the payment feature (optional)

·       Assigning the payment profile to your form's submission button to send it to the payment feature

If you are collecting payments, your school may also choose to provide fee waivers. You can associate waiver codes with a hard coded data source or store them in a custom table.

For these features to work:

You must have a connection to the EX database set up in FormFlow. See Step 1 for more information.

You must have read/write access to the EX tables the form is accessing and collecting waiver code information from or saving information to.

How To

Set Up the Payment Profile

Map Questions to the Online Payment feature (optional)

Assign the Payment Profile to the Form's Submission Button

Set Up Waiver Codes from Your Database

Set Up Waiver Codes Manually