Step 8: Review Bio Tab Data Sources

The applicant form template is set up to populate the Bio tab gender, citizen of, race, and ethnicity questions based on information in your EX database. First and Last Name are also mapped to payment fields for applications with a fee.


For these features to work:

You must have a connection to the EX database set up in FormFlow. See Step 1 for more information.

You must have read/write access to the EX tables the form is accessing and collecting information from or saving information to.

Questions must retain the correct unique IDs. Removing a question or changing a question's unique ID can impact how these features work.  

If you are pointing to the EX database and using all of the application form template questions, little setup is needed. The following step through how to check the EX data sources related to the questions. If you are not pointing to the EX database, you may need to update these data sources.

1.         From the Tools menu, select Data Sources.

2.         From the DataSource drop-down, select:

a.         For the gender question, select JZB - Gender List

b.         For the Citizen Of question, select JZB - Citizen Of List

c.          For the Race question, select JZB - Race List

d.         For the Ethnicity question, select JZB - Ethnicity List

Make a copy of the provided JZB - * datasources as they may be updated and overwritten in a future release.

3.         From the Use Database drop-down, verify the correct database is being used. The template automatically uses the EX database.

4.         Review the DataSource query to ensure it is the correct table your school uses to manage gender, citizenship, race, and ethnicity options. If your school uses different tables, update the queries as needed.

a.         The Gender list is populated using the TD_GENDER_VIEW table.

b.         The Citizen Of list is populated using the TD_CITIZEN_OF_VIEW table.

c.          The Race list is populated using the RACE_REPORT_DEF table.

d.         The Ethnicity list is populated using the ETHNIC_REPORT_DEF table.

5.         Test or save your datasource.

6.         Click Done. The data source is set up on the question properties, Options tab. If a particular option isn't appearing, verify it exists in EX.