Step 12: Set Up Allowed File Uploads on the Documents Tab

The online application form template is set up to allow applicants to upload documents such as their application essay or resume. You can determine what file upload types are allowed and where files will be stored. File size limitations are determined by your school’s Internet Information Services (IIS) configuration, which is typically 2GB. You can also map the uploads to the EX Process Internet Submissions window where it can be reviewed, processed, and added to a candidate's EX record.

For this feature to work:

You must have a connection to the EX database set up in FormFlow. See Step 1 for more information.

You must have read/write access to the EX tables the form is accessing and collecting information from or saving information to.

Questions must retain the correct unique IDs. Removing a question or changing a question's unique ID can impact how these features work. Each question must have its own unique ID.

You must belong to a group with permissions to AD_CANDCY Attachment Use Code in EX. To verify, access the EX Group Permissions window, Functions tab.

If you are pointing to the EX database and using all of the application form template questions, little setup is needed. The following step through several file upload configurations and ensure the questions are mapped to EX correctly.

1. Determine where the user uploaded files will be stored on your web server

2. Determine the types of allowed files

3. Verify or set up the Attachment Use Codes in EX

4. Verify or set up the file extensions available with the attachment use code in EX

5. Review the File Upload form question's mapping to EX


For more information on FileUpload questions, click here.