Step 11: Update the Education Tab Description and Review Data Sources

The applicant form template is set up to populate the Education tab questions based on information in your EX database and on options the applicant selects.

·       The state, schools, degrees, test codes, and test element questions are populated based on information in your EX database

·       The address line 1, city, state, zip code, country and email questions are mapped to payment fields for applications with a fee

·       The zip code question can be used to auto-populate the city and state

·       The confirm email address question can be used to ensure the applicant entered the correct email address

For these features to work:

You must have a connection to the EX database set up in FormFlow. See Step 1 for more information.

You must have read/write access to the EX tables the form is accessing and collecting information from or saving information to.

Questions must retain the correct unique IDs. Removing a question or changing a question's unique ID can impact how these features work.  

Update the Description

The Education tab shows instructions for you to set the questions up. You will want to update this text to something more helpful for your applicants or remove the text altogether.

1.         Right-click on the Education Instructions label question and select Properties. The Edit Item window appears.

2.         Verify the Definition tab is selected.

3.         In the Text field, enter any information you want applicants to see. Formatting options let you control how the text appears and additional options let you insert links and add files. You can include instructions for adding schools and let them know how many they can enter.  

4.         The question is automatically added to the left of the form page. Use the Alignment options to move it to the center or right.  

5.         In the Help Info Text field, enter additional information or brief instructions for applicants. Help information is shown next to a help icon that shows your text when the user hovers over or clicks on it.

6.         Click Save.

Question Data Sources

The applicant form template is set up to populate the Education tab questions based on state, schools, degrees, test codes, and test element information in your EX database and on the options the applicant selects. When the applicant selects a previous education state, the schools in that state are available in the following question.

Verify or update the data sources for the following questions:

·       State

·       Test Codes

·       Schools

·       Test Elements

·       Degrees


1.         From the Tools menu, select Data Sources.

2.         From the DataSource drop-down, select:

a.         JZB - State List

b.         JZB - School List by State

c.          JZB - Degree List

d.         JZB - Test Code List

e.         JZB - Test Element List By Test Code

Make a copy of the provided JZB - * datasources as they may be updated and overwritten in a future release.

3.         From the Use Database drop-down, verify the correct database is being used. The template automatically uses the EX database.

4.         Review the DataSource query to ensure it is the correct table your school uses to manage schools, degrees, test codes, and test elements. If your school uses different tables, update the queries as needed.

a.         The state list is populated using the TD_STATE_VIEW table.

b.         The school list by state list is populated using the ORG table.

c.          The degree list is populated using the TD_DEGREE_VIEW table.

d.         The test code list is populated using the TEST_DEFINITION table.

e.         The test element list by test code is populated using the TEST_ELEMENT_DEF table.

5.         Test or save your datasource.

6.         Click Done. The data source is set up on the question properties, Options tab. If a particular option isn't appearing, verify it exists in EX.

These controls demonstrate how the user can enter multiple records for the questions defined. As the user begins typing, schools are suggested from a list of schools defined in the database. These are controlled by the Auto Complete Datasource setting on the question Settings tab. Upon choosing the school and degree, the user can click Save to add the school to the form and may add another. The save button executes the Grid: Add action and copies the data from the source questions to the associated Grid (Collection Grid).

Upon submission, each row in the collection grid will show up as an Organization Tracking row based on the EX mapping.