Allow File Uploads

Adding the File Upload question to your form lets form users upload a file as a part of completing the form. You can determine what file upload types are allowed and where files will be stored. File size limitations are determined by your school’s Internet Information Services (IIS) configuration, which is typically 2GB. Schools licensed to use Candidate features can also map this question back to the EX Process Internet Submissions window where it can be reviewed, processed, and added to a candidate's EX record.

General Steps for Allowing File Uploads

Step 1: Determine where the user uploaded files will be stored on your web server.

Step 2: Add the File Upload question to your form.

Step 3: Limit the types of allowable file uploads (optional).

Step 4: Specify a File Naming Convention for Uploaded Files (optional).

Additional Steps for Mapping to EX

The mapping to EX feature is only available for schools licensed to use Candidate features.

Complete the steps above.

Step 5: Verify or connect to your school's database.

Step 6: Verify or set up the Attachment Use Codes in EX.

Step 7: Verify or set up the file extensions available with the attachment use code in EX.

Step 8: Use the File Upload form question’s Unique ID to map to the appropriate EX table.