Access Database Concepts, Design & Application w/Visual Basic (CPD 210)

Term: 2011-2012 Spring Term


There is not currently a faculty member for this course


Mon-Wed, 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM (1/9/2012 - 5/16/2012) Location: MAIN FHTC M113


Within CPD 210 the student will apply principles of database design and management to the selection of appropriate relational database systems. Students will demonstrate skills at the introductory and intermediate and advanced levels by producing documents using Windows 7 and Microsoft Access 2013. Within Access, students will create and maintain database tables, define table relationships, create running and saving queries, sort and filter records, create and customize forms and reports, publish Access objects to the World Wide Web, replicate a database, create and run macros, create navigation objects, work with database security and write Visual Basic code. Students will identify different models of database design. Students will use their knowledge of object-oriented, distributed, and client/server systems, as well as data warehousing, QBE, and SQL, to identify and analyze database design needs and internet and intranet implications for database management. This course is designed