Motor Controls (IET 213)

Term: 2011-2012 Spring Term


There is not currently a faculty member for this course


Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu-Fri, 8:20 AM - 11:20 AM (1/9/2012 - 3/9/2012) Location: TECH TECH T105


Students will construct typical wiring diagrams for push buttons. Control stations will include stop/start wiring. Diagrams of single stations, jogging, and reversing push button stations will be included. Interlocking of motor starters will include mechanical, electrical, and push button interlocks. Timers and relays will be used in conjunction with motor control circuits in general industrial plat applications. Devices such as pilot light will be added to each circuits as well as proper fuse control, and safety disconnects. Prerequisite: IET 113 Industrial Electricity and IET 114 Industrial Wiring